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Now You can publish your advertisement in Daily News Paper named Jonogoner Kontho, Popular news paper of assam and West Bengal along with this website. We will publish your add in the news paper for at least consecutive 4 Sundays. Just you will have to be a Rs 1000 paid member.
When all attempts to find an ideal match by conventional means like recommendations from relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. did not translate to any positive outcome, then please turnhere for finding a suitable prospective matrimonial match for you or for any of your relative.
You will find numerous websites that offer match making services for people of all communities and ages. These online matrimonial portals enable millions of individuals and families connect with one another for the purpose of marriages. You can discuss about your likes and dislikes online and determine whether a prospect is suitable for you and matches all your criteria. While the user interface was excellent and number of profiles available on conventional matrimony websites was numerous, But you will still unable to find a proper match. Most of these websites had profiles of individuals with the place where they currently reside. The website didn’t provide many details of the families they reside from and the location of the place where the person has been born and brought up so that one can have an idea about the kind of upbringing of the person.
By default People prefer Local Match for Matrimony. About 10/15 years ago, finding out perfect local match was the job of parents and reatives. But they are not that free now. This www.localmatrimony.in is a FREE local matrimony website particularly for Local would be Brides and for Local would be Grooms. Here You DO NOT REQUIRE to pay any one to meet your local match for matrimony. Any one can register. Only Registerred Member can view all other profiles along with their addresses.
Whatever you submit including your photograph, Truth or Falls, we will publissh it without taking any responsibility. When you confirm your Email ID, it automatically informs all your probable match of your presence. Please check all your sources to find out all details about your preferred match.

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 Uma Esh I am Uma Esh aged 31 years, Passed HSLC, Serving as None View More
 Asmita Deb I am Asmita Deb aged 22 years, Passed M A Final Yr 2020, Serving as MA Student View More
 Pritam Paul I am Pritam Paul aged 35 years, Passed B Tech Chemical Engineering, Serving as Sr Project Manager View More
 abhijit Sarkar I am abhijit Sarkar aged 39 years, Passed H S Pass, Serving as Not Mentioned View More
 Bishnu Chanda I am Bishnu Chanda aged 37 years, Passed MBA in Insurance and Finance, Serving as LIC MRDT Agent, Earing Nearly Rs 20 lakhs Per Year. View More
 Shipra Barman I am Shipra Barman aged 33 years, Passed Higher Secondary, Serving as Not Mentioned View More
 Ananya Choudhury I am Ananya Choudhury aged 26 years, Passed MBA on Finance and Marketing , Serving as Presently working in a Multinational company at Dubai. View More

 Sushmita Dutta Choudhury I am Sushmita Dutta Choudhury aged 26 years, Passed MBA,B.ed,Pursuing LLB, Serving as Student View More
 Rajdeep Saha I am Rajdeep Saha aged 34 years, Passed Hslc, Serving as Pharmacy View More
 Uma Esh I am Uma Esh aged 31 years, Passed HSLC passed, Serving as No View More
 Dasari suneel I am Dasari suneel aged 28 years, Passed M.tech, Serving as Assistant professor View More
 Bharat Sen Gupta I am Bharat Sen Gupta aged 40 years, Passed MBA, MA, Serving as Software Professional View More
 Shaurov Das I am Shaurov Das aged 39 years, Passed Hotel Management Passed, Serving as Govt Registered Class 2 Contractor and Order Supplier. View More
 Rishikesh Deb I am Rishikesh Deb aged 29 years, Passed MBA, Serving as Corporate View More
 Nithisankar I am Nithisankar aged 36 years, Passed Mtech, Serving as Buisness View More
 Aman  I am Aman aged 31 years, Passed M.tech, Serving as Govt View More
 Biswajit Das Gupta I am Biswajit Das Gupta aged 34 years, Passed B.Tech (Comp. Science) Pune University, Serving as Addl District project Manager, P&RD, Govt. Of Assam View More
 Parul Deb I am Parul Deb aged years, Passed , Serving as View More
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6 th January is the International Dating Day. So Register without delay and start Dating Your Local Match for Local Matrimony.
Indian matrimony are broadly two types. Love marriage and arranged marriage.
Love marriage is good, rather excellent. Fall in love with a right match and then get married when both are well established or achieved the targets and live happily there after for ever.
Matrimony websites are useless to them.
Next comes arranged marriage. This is more prevalent in India.
Parents finds out the right matches for their sons and daughters.
They generally take the help of relatives, Math Makers or friends for finding out a suitable match for offsprings.
This is also very good. Whene experinced heads choose the match, it is always expected that matching will nice and couple will happily live for ever.
Here, we, means matrimony websites have become usefull.
Now all friends, relatives are busy. Nobody has got much time or inclination to persue match making diligently.
Moreover, would be bride from Assam, may be working in Kolkata, wheras an Asamese would be groom working in Chennai. But both of them and their families want a local match for matrimony.
In such and similar situations, we can help you that too without any Fee.(We will be happier if you become a paid member for a year.)
As the name suggests this website is for Local Matrimony.
Our assumption is that someone from your locality wants to meet you and live with happily for ever after matrimony.
Most the people are not comfortable with the idea of marrying someone of an unknown culture or distant area or unfamiliar food habit.
It is also easier to relate with someone of same locality. So Come and Register Yourself, to Find Out Your Local Match for Matrimony.
After lengthy thoughts and deliveration with all top lebel management, we have decided to keep it free. Because our assumption again is that you have already spent your budget in other big matrimony websites.
And unfortunately, you have not got any acceptable offer. Just went on paying money for months, without getting any result.